CBD Pet Tincture
CBD Pet Tincture
CBD Pet Tincture
CBD Pet Tincture
CBD Pet Tincture
CBD Pet Tincture
CBD Pet Tincture

CBD Pet Tincture

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    Available in pure full-spectrum (0.3% THC) and broad-spectrum (0.0% THC) varieties

    This CBD tincture is designed especially for the domestic pets, specifically cats and dogs. It helps to alleviate stress and feelings of nervousness, hyperactivity or unhappiness, helping your dog or cat to feel secure and calm. It also provides a natural alternative for pain relief without unwanted side effects. Perfect as a supplemental product for senior animals who suffer from joint pain or stiffness.

    •Made from organically grown, non-GMO hemp
    •Available in low-THC full-spectrum and THC-free broad-spectrum options
    •Specifically formulated for pets to provide physical relief and help relieve anxiety during travel or separation
    •Perfect for all breeds and ages
    •Supports your pet’s emotional and physical wellbeing
    •Neutral hemp flavor is ideal for both dogs and cats
    •Easy to administer in your pet’s mouth or food
    •Third-party lab tested
    •CO2 extraction method
    •Manufactured in the USA

    Hemp Oil Extract and MCT Oil.

    Shake well before use. Place directly into pet’s mouth or mix into their food for immediate consumption. Use 1 – 3 times a day. Consult with a veterinarian before use.

    Serving size: 1 dropper (1 ml)
    Servings per container: 30



    Customer Reviews

    Based on 13 reviews
    Marshall Marta
    The fractured disc doesn't bother him anymore.

    My Siamese cat of three years always had a weak bone structure and that's why one of his discs got fractured at such an early age. With the aid of MedAims CBD pet tincture though, his disc doesn't bother him anymore.

    She's free of all the stress and anxiety attacks.

    Kayla, my British shorthair cat, is usually a stressful cat and starts shaking and has anxiety attacks several times a day when things get out of hand. MedAims CBD pet tincture really reduced the number of her attacks and she's better now.

    Chihuahua barks less and is at ease more often.

    My two-year-old Chihuahua, lily, is not used to being left alone and she usually starts barking as soon as I get out of the house. Now that she uses MedAims CBD pet tincture, she's getting used to being alone for at least seven hours a day.

    Andrews Elisa
    Doesn't nibble on his cast and is careless.

    My five-year-old golden retriever broke his left hand about a month and a half ago while playing and running around. Things would have been fine if he didn't chew on his cast and make it impossible to take a break from watching after him. Thankfully, MedAims CBD pet tincture helped him notice his cast less and he didn't nibble on it anymore.

    She feels happier now that she uses this!

    My 4-year-old Bengal cat, ivy, had a miscarriage just recently and that has impacted her mood greatly. She wouldn't even eat because of her depressed mood and I couldn't let her go on like that. I decided to buy MedAims CBD pet tincture to help her move past that sad incident and I believe this tincture has done a phenomenal job at doing that.

    Anxiety doesn't bother my furry friend anymore!

    I have a Maine coon that is really young, about one year old, and he's been dealing with severe anxiety these days. He just can't stand new people in the house and always runs off when my friends are over at my house. I purchased a bottle of MedAims CBD pet tincture a while ago and it really helps him deal with encounters better.

    Lyle Alvarado
    Bulldog's knee arthritis is not as painful as before.

    Shawn, my bulldog, has had a misaligned knee ever since he was a little pup and I knew it could be troublesome, but I never saw the fact that he'd get knee arthritis at such a young age. I wanted him to enjoy his youth and got him a bottle of MedAims CBD pet tincture. This tincture worked wonders on him and relieved his pain.

    Yvette Knight
    Old dog is finally at peace thanks to these drops.

    My German shepherd of 7 years is considered quite old in dog years and has been suffering from backache and other sorts of pain for about two years now. I didn't like to see him suffer and painkillers didn't help him at all, so I bought MedAims CBD pet tincture and he's finally free of all the pain hurting him!

    Calmed down my Persian cat with ADHD.

    Pamela, my three-year-old Persian cat, has been diagnosed with ADHD just a while ago after I've been fed up with all her running arounds and bursts of energy. I really needed her to calm down, so I got MedAims CBD pet tincture for her and it really did work! Now, I just give her a couple of drops and she calms down in a matter of minutes.

    Romero Jody
    Recently tried it on her and she seems ok.

    I'm not that sure about MedAims CBD pet tincture as I've started using it on my Rottweiler just recently. She used to be really tense and kept her guard up even at home and now after using this tincture she seems a little less worried.

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