CBD Mints
CBD Mints
CBD Mints
CBD Mints
CBD Mints

CBD Mints

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    Available in pure full-spectrum (0.3% THC) and broad-spectrum (0.0% THC) varieties

    Pop a refreshing CBD mint and get an instant burst of peppermint for fresher breath. These two-in-one mints provide an on-the-go CBD option with the zing of sweet mint flavor. Small but mighty, they are artisan-crafted in small batches for the benefits of high-quality hemp in each serving. The perfect addition to your CBD routine to enjoy anytime, anywhere. Available in full-spectrum and broad-spectrum varieties.

    •Made from organically grown, non-GMO hemp
    •Available in low-THC full-spectrum and THC-free broad-spectrum options
    •Invigorating peppermint flavor for minty-fresh breath
    •Lightly sweetened with organic powdered sugar
    •Free of sugars, gluten and alcohols
    •Third-party lab tested
    •CO2 extraction method
    •Manufactured in the USA

    Hemp Oil Extract, Gum Paste, Organic Powdered Sugar, Green Food Coloring.

    Take once or twice daily and increase as needed.

    Serving Size: 1 mint
    Servings per container: 25

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 32 reviews
    Stress? What are you even talking about?

    I used to get stressed easily, especially when it was near the finals, and that stress was NOT good for my health. I didn't want to lose more of my hair because of stress so I bought a pack of MedAims CBD mints and it did the job.

    Seth Aguilar
    Insomnia is finally beaten after years!

    I've been dealing with insomnia for as long as I can remember and none of my read of herbal medicine has done a single thing. Only MedAims CBD mints have been effective on me and would put to asleep in fifteen minutes.

    Diana Cruz
    Migraine doesn't hurt as much and I feel fine.

    Migraine prescribed medication has never been effective enough on me and I've been suffering this whole time up until I found MedAims CBD mints. They just lessen the pain every time I'm about to have a migraine attack rush over me.

    Christy Bowen
    My boyfriend loves the flavor and the sensation!

    My boyfriend of three years has always been struggling with panic attack his whole life and recently it's got worse. I felt like I had to help him out in some way so I started searching for a solution. After a while I came across MedAims CBD mints and knew this product is what he needs, and I wasn't wrong! He loves the flavor and his panic attacks are better!

    Anxiety doesn't stop me anymore! I'm free.

    If you have anxiety, you exactly know the feeling when you have to encounter a new situation and it's like your feet are stuck to the ground, even though you want to move forward and deal with that situation. That's exactly how I've been feeling my whole life, but after using MedAims CBD mints, pretty much everything changed!

    Peters Allan
    WOW! Amazing formula and they taste minty!

    Since five years ago, I've always had this soreness in my back due to a car accident I had. Most of my daily tasks and postures would put in me pain and make me unable to go on with my normal life. I got MedAims CBD mints after reading about it in an online magazine and oh my gosh! I just take one mint and the pain is gone.

    My teeth doesn't hurt anymore with these mints!

    I've just started my teeth treatment using braces and they still hurt even though it's been three months after applying the braces on them. Eating has become a torment with this ache going through my skull and I didn't want to be in pain every time I attempted to eat something, and that's where MedAims CBD mints come in handy.

    Nora Manning
    Minor insomnia doesn't keep me up at night!

    Having insomnia with different levels of severity is something really common that runs in my family. Fortunately, mine is a minor insomnia, but nonetheless, it still can keep me up at night. I needed my sleep and I couldn't fix it on my own, that's why I seeked help from MedAims CBD mints and the result is phenomenal! Highly recommended.

    Quick relief from anything bothering during the day!

    I'm easily irritated by anything and that hasn't been to my advantage at all. The slightest thing going wrong would affect me greatly and the rest of my day would be completely ruined. I didn't like being this sensitive about everything and that I wouldn't be able to go on with my day normally so, I got MedAims CBD mints and they helped me through.

    West Byron
    Just took one and waiting for it to kick in.

    I just took one of the mints of MedAims CBD mints because I was getting triggered due to a flashback. So far, I haven't felt much except I'm a little calmer and the minty flavor is just delightful. I'm waiting to see the full impact.

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